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Cost of Brick Driveway Installation

Brick Driveway Installation Cost

The cost of brick driveway installation will increase or decrease based upon a number of factors. This article is intended to provide you a checklist of questions to ask yourself and your contractor.

This key will serve as your guide:

$0 = no additional cost
$ = standard cost
$$ = increased cost.

What size driveway do I want?

$ - Single car driveway.

$$ - Two car driveway or larger.

What type of bricks do I want?

$ - Standard rectangular brick.

$$ - Odd-shaped bricks.

What type of driveway do I need?

$ - Flat and straight driveway.

$$ - Curved driveway or sloped driveway that requires excavation or grading.

Where will the new driveway be installed?

$0- When the bricks can laid over an existing driveway foundation.

$$ - When an existing driveway must be torn out before the bricks are laid.

$$ - When there is no existing driveway and the surface needs to be leveled or sloped.

How will the bricks be laid?

$ - Standard, linear pattern.

$$ - Complex pattern or design.

What kind of base will the pavers be laid on?

$ - When bricks are laid over a layer of gravel and sand

$$ - When pavers are laid on concrete slab.

$$ - When bricks are mortar set (bedded in mortar).

Learn More: Dry-set Brick vs. Mortar-set Brick

Who will be laying the brick pavers?

$ - When landscape architect or general contractor can lay the pavers.

$$ - When a licensed mason needs to lay the brick.

How far do the pavers need to be delivered?

$ - When the bricks are delivered within a 10 mile radius.

$$ - When bricks are delivered from outside of a 10 mile radius.

$$ - When the pavers must be special ordered.

What type of preparation is needed before the pavers are laid?

$ - When little preparation is needed other than basic leveling.

$$ - When weeds need to be pulled or bushes/trees needs to be removed.

$$ - When geoplastic fabric is laid under the bricks to prevent the growth of weeds.

Does the driveway need to be sealed?

$0 - When the driveway does not need to be sealed.

$$ - When the driveway is sealed to prevent streaking and color fade.

Ask the Contractor:

1. How long do you expect the brick driveway installation to take?

2. Is cleanup included in the cost estimate?

3. What type of pavers do you recommend?

4. Does the existing driveway need to be torn out or can the pavers be laid on top of it?

5. Will the project require any re-sloping or excavation?

6. What type of maintenance does the driveway require?

7. If the driveway is mortar set, how long till I can drive on it?

8. Would you recommend installing a geotextile fabric under the pavers?

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